Are your earnings too low? Negotiate! We provide tips on how to successfully talk about a raise.

Are your earnings too low? Negotiate! We provide tips on how to successfully talk about a raise.

Would you like to earn more, but you don’t how to carry out effective negotiations with your employer? This article contains tips on when and how you should talk about a possible raise.

Although the possibility of negotiating a raise is our unquestionable right, most of us are still afraid to start such conversation with their boss. This results from the fact that we often don’t know how such conversation should look like. Fortunately, there are several verified ways that will significantly increase your chances of success in negotiations!

In what situations should we negotiate our salary?

Firstly: Negotiate the matter of your salary after receiving the job offer and not during the job interview. Once you will fully present the range of your capabilities and the employer will start to care about having you in the ranks of his/her company, it’s the right time to talk about your financial expectations.

Secondly: Negotiate your raise when you have the certainty that your employer is 100% satisfied with your efficiency in the company. Then, your position in the company is strong and the employer will want you to stay in such company as long as possible. Thus, the employer will make an effort to make you happy with your financial situation.

Thirdly: Negotiate the terms of your salary when you have a different, better paid job offer. In such situation, you have nothing to lose. You can stay in your company on better financial terms or you can start working in a new company that offers you an attractive salary.

How to effectively carry out negotiations regarding your salary?

If you want to have a conversation with your boss about a possible raise or promotion, you have to appropriately prepare yourself for it.

Firstly: Find out what rate you may be offered by other potential employers for your work. Take into account the size of the company in which you work now, as well as its current condition.

Secondly: Prepare a precise list of your achievements and trainings that you have completed since you received the job offer. This list will be your biggest argument during the conversation about a raise. This will enable you to clearly present to the employer your development and its importance for the continued success of the company.

Thirdly: If you are trying to get promotion to a higher (e.g. managerial) position, precisely present all your advantages and capabilities to the employer. Also, present your employer with a clear vision of what the company may gain if the new position will be given to you.

Fourthly: Be calm and confident. Even in the case, when you really need additional financial resources, do not tell the employer about your problems. Demonstrate confidence, as well as be sure that you’re valuable and proudly present everything making you think that you deserve a raise or promotion. 

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